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10 Truths to Get You Excited About Songwriting

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Ever hear the phrase “paralysis by analysis?” It means that you spend so much time analyzing why something isn’t going well that you wind up stuck, unable to move in any direction. It’s a common feeling in the arts.

So it’s time to stop thinking so hard, and time to simply get writing! Here are 10 quick, short-snapper truths that are meant to get you to stop thinking so hard, and start writing – NOW!

  1. Waiting to get inspired is just an excuse. Start writing NOW, and write as if your life depends on it.
  2. Your own music should be your greatest source of inspiration.
  3. If you don’t listen to music critically every day, you are working in a vacuum.
  4. If you listen and work in one single genre, day in, day out, you are stunting your own creative growth.
  5. Yes, it is possible to write what you don’t know about. Especially if not knowing is what your song is about.
  6. There is no rule that governs how long a good song takes to write. It can be minutes; it can be years.
  7. If you’ve written a song that doesn’t generate an emotional response in a listener, you’ve wasted a lot of time.
  8. It is normal to despair when someone hates your music. (Nonetheless, don’t despair.)
  9. Someone hating your music is not an indication that you’ve written a bad song. In fact, you may have written a masterpiece.
  10. It’s not plagiarism to deliberately try to sound like your songwriting heroes. (The Beatles did it all the time.)

_________ Gary Ewer

Written by Gary Ewer. Follow on Twitter.

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  2. Just imaging if someone was recording an album and was short of one song??
    The pro writers would not say “lets wait a few days till we get the inspiration”
    thats what many amatures would say , but not the pro he:her would write the
    song on the spot, They would know what genre the singer prefers , and they
    would know the audience he or she entertains , plus of course the vocal range
    In fact most would have something they could re write.

    Why do people search for reasons not to write?? it’s silly , either get on with it
    or try another profession,

    re Gary’s seventh truth above I believe almost any song can be re written, taking
    it from boring and dullness to a song everyone wants to tap their feet to, and
    sing along to

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