Stop Worrying About How

There’s nothing special about how good music is written. It’s always about musical structure.


Written by Gary Ewer, author of “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6-ebook Bundle.


black and white guitarIf you go online to research how other songwriters write their music, you’ll probably see something to the effect of, “Well, there are lots of ways to write, but how I write my songs is to start with…”

No good songwriter wants to say that they way they write songs is the only way, and that’s smart of course. There really is no one good way. Good songs are good not because of how they are written, but because of what they are, and there’s a difference.

If you look back at what’s been written about the music of the great classical composers, there was practically never any mention about how they wrote their music. Anyone who chooses to study the music of the greats always look at what is written. There’s little care for how it was written.

There’s an understanding that all composers of music approach the task in their own way. And the success of the music has little if anything to do with whatever method they use to get the notes, chords and lyrics the way they want them.

If you find yourself spending a lot of time wondering about how other songwriters create their songs, hoping to use their method to create your own music, stop worrying about how.

The success of music has to do with the structure of the finished product. There are many, many ways to get a successful end product, and it always has to do with what happens in the song, not what you did to get it, and I hope you understand that difference.


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