Post 1000 – And On We Go…

After 1000 posts, it’s still all about musical curiosity.


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Gary EwerI noticed this morning that I’m about to click “Publish” and post my 1000th article for this blog. You might wonder how anyone can find 1000 things to say about anything, let alone songwriting. If you’ve been a long time reader, you know that some topics here get done many times, simply because I get a lot of email referring to those topics: How do I write a verse? Why can’t I get my chords to work? What can I do to my chorus?

My first blog article, back in January of 2008, was called “Get Curious!” It dealt with a quality that I find present in the best songwriters I know – the best of anyone in any field I know. If you read interviews with top-level songwriters, they are as likely to talk about music that excites and influences them as they are to talk about their own songs.

I believe that curiosity is the best trait a songwriter can possess. Nothing is as important to the development of a musician because in the world of the creative arts nothing happens in a vacuum. You may feel that your music is unique, exploring new territory, and I hope to at least a certain degree that that is true.

But it is more likely that the ideas you conjure up are being influenced by all the music that has come before you. The broader that experience, the more your music will benefit because of it. Curiosity means that you are always asking, “How do I?”

Curiosity also means that you are asking, “What was that?” whenever you hear something different. Curiosity makes you listen to others. As I say, the broader that experience, the more your music will benefit, and the better your music becomes.

The fact that my first post dealt with musical curiosity was purposeful. To me, curiosity is the root, the very foundation, of success in songwriting. If you aren’t curious, get curious! That quality can take you to the top.

I have no plans to stop any time soon, so who knows, maybe in another 5-and-a-half years I will be writing Post #2000. In the meantime, I wish you all the best. And if any of these thoughts, opinions, analyses, and other musical investigations have at least made you think, and made you curious… that delights me.


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  1. You are probably the only Professor of Songwriting who’s enthusiasm for the art comes through in your absorbing posts, I look forward to your posts , they always make such good reading.

    Thanking You very Much

    Peter Jenkins

    • Thanks very much for writing, Peter. I enjoy writing the posts, and it is very gratifying to me that you enjoy reading them.

      All the best, and thanks again for writing.

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