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Violin and MusicI’m on a short road trip at the moment, so I won’t be able to give a full blog post today. But I thought I’d mention one thing that came up in conversation with other musicians regarding MIDI orchestration. I’ve written on this blog recently about including “real instruments” in your music. We were talking about why so much of what we hear in the world of MIDI orchestration is… just not good.

The kind of orchestration I’m talking about is the kind where you’re trying to make the music sound as if a real orchestra is playing.

It’s something I’ve blogged about in the past, and you may want to check out this article. In short, the biggest impediment to making a MIDI orchestra sound like a real orchestra is not knowing what a real orchestra sounds like.

MIDI orchestration gives the songwriter great potential to create an instrumental backing that adds depth and class to a recording. But done badly, it also has the ability to make your music sound cheesy and amateur. Be careful how you use it.

In addition to learning how to use MIDI to its best effect, it’s well worth the time spent to make orchestral music part of your daily listening routine. Your music will greatly benefit.

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