5 Ways to Increase the Number of Songs You Write

There are several ways you can make sure that the songs keep flowing. Check out the list in this blog post.


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Guitarist-Singer-SongwriterIf you’re like most songwriters, you’ve probably got a ton of musical bits that don’t have a home yet. Snippets of melody, a great bit of lyric, a chorus with nothing else… that kind of thing. And it’s frustrating, because those fragments of music probably arose from moments of great musical inspiration, and then – nothing. It’s important not to obsess about this sort of thing, because it’s normal for people in the songwriting field to have bits of ideas that haven’t come together yet into a fully-fledged song. But there are things you can do to increase your musical output and make it more likely that the songs you start will get finished.

I’ve mentioned this list of ideas before, but I like to remind songwriters of it every now and then, because it’s very important. The five items on the list relate to a vital quality that all songwriters need: discipline.

The sooner you can organize your creative life, and make songwriting something that you do regularly, and not just when you feel inspired, the easier music composition will be for you. And though I’ve mentioned this list several times before, it’s a good idea to check it every now and then, and make sure that you’re incorporating the ideas here into your daily life.

So check out these 5 important ways that successful songwriters keep the creative juices flowing:

  1. Create a dedicated writing time. Designating a certain time of the day as your time to write is probably the most important step to instilling discipline into your creative life. It doesn’t matter what time of day, but be sure that it’s a time that you don’t have to negotiate on with others. And be certain it’s a time that you can stick to for at least 5 out of 7 days a week.
  2. Make songwriting games and short creative tasks a regular part of your writing regimen. I’ve offered some ideas before about how this might work. These kinds of games are a great way to stay creative when you’re suffering through writer’s block, but it can and should be a small part of your daily writing practice. Why not start every writing session with a short writing challenge before moving on to the song you’re currently working on.
  3. Keep a recording device or note pad with you to record any musical ideas that pop into your mind. You really never know when songwriting ideas will occur to you, such is the nature of the creative mind. It’s frustrating when you think of something, but have no way of preserving it for your writing session later on.
  4. Never throw out failed music. Some musical ideas can seem rather lame, but that doesn’t mean that they’re useless. Quite often, music that just doesn’t work just needs to be reworked or put away for a while before you figure out how to use it.
  5. Make listening a regular part of your life, even (or particularly) music that you don’t normally like. If all you do is listen to the music that comes from your favourite genre, you miss out on opportunities to expand your musical mind. Music that comes from other styles has a different sound, a different approach. It will surprise you how inspiring it can be to listen to music that sounds different from what you’re used to. Inspiring, and often exciting.


Written by Gary Ewer, from “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” website.
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  1. Your writing is so inspiring, your ideas are so useful and song writing becomes such fun, if you adopt some of your ideas. I wish your head shot was one of you smiling, instead of the very stern and serious look in your current photo. You ought to be smiling 🙂

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