Want Some Chord Progression Ideas? Try These Samples

by Gary Ewer, from “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” website:

Looking to write a song, but stuck at the chord progression stage? Here are some you can try:

i) Asus   A   Bm   E   F#m   D   Bm7   C#
This one has a few interesting twists. We’re used to starting progressions on the tonic chord, but this one starts with a suspension, which will get listener’s attention. Also, it ends on a C# major chord, and you’ll find that going immediately back to the Asus chord will be surprising. (Try C#minor instead if you find it to be too startling. 😉

ii) A   A/G   D/F#   Dm/F   A/E   B/D#   Esus   E
A nice progression that features a descending bass line. The inversions will work nicely if you are using a bass, or playing it on the keyboard. Remember, letter names after the slash are the bass notes.

iii) Am   E   Am   D   G   C   Bm7   E
This one is in the minor key. The D major chord in the middle helps to move temporarily into the key of G major, so it’s a good progression for alternating between major and minor tonalities.

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