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From “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” website:


Songstuff Music Resource offers songwriters (and others) an oppourtunity to become part of an online music community. Post your music for others to hear, make comments on a forum, write an article, and in short, meet other musicians. Sometimes it may feel that you’re working in a bit of a vacuum in the songwriting business, so making these kind of connections can be vital to your talents.


From their website:


Songstuff provides bands, musicians, songwriters, recording engineers and music business professionals with a broad ranging platform of information and support.


Find out more about singing, songwriting, musical instruments, recording and music technology, and the music business.


Features include band pages, informative articles, an active and friendly forum, useful definitions in our large glossary, industry news, and resource links.


Of particular interest may be their “Song Review Boards” in the “Forums” section of their site, offering songwriters an opportunity to have their music critiqued.

-Gary Ewer
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