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You often hear the phrase, “Location, location, location!” with regard to real estate. The term refers to the value of a piece of land or house. In essence, to determine the value of a house, one of the most important factors is its location. A house in the middle of a city will usually have a higher value than the same house in the middle of the woods. A house positioned near other beautiful houses in a nice part of town will have a higher value than a house positioned near a warehouse in an undeveloped part of town.

You can have a great house, but if it’s in a bad part of town, trying to get someone to buy it will be next to impossible.

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This principle applies to the arts as well. For example, TV show execs are always looking to position their show in the schedule near other successful shows. Once you’ve got your show in a nice “neighbourhood,” it becomes more likely that audience ratings will rise. If your show winds up on a Saturday early morning 2 am slot… well, that’s the equivalent of trying to interest people in your house that’s stuck out in some isolated part of town. Location is everything.

How does this analogy apply to songwriting? Think of your song as a house. Imagine if you could get a celebrity TV real estate show to feature your house; your sale potential would go through the roof! You need to do the equivalent in the songwriting world. How?

The fact is that even though there are people who make it by singing their own songs, the songwriters who become big successes are the ones who get established performers interested in their stuff, at least at first.   That’s the equivalent of location in the real estate world, because you’ve taken a house, and managed to get a celebrity to endorse it. And once you’ve done that, you’re at the start of a potential career of writing hit songs.

You may be a wonderful singer, but until the rest of the world knows it, you’ve got to get your songs into the hands of experienced and trusted celebrities. Protect your songs first, and then get them out there!

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  2. You have described a nice relation between song writing and real estate. In my opinion, it could be done to more and more business areas. I work for West Toronto Realtor and estimating the right value of a home is very important. Location is only one of the aspects. Afterwards you know the right value you can try to make it higher. And the same is with songs and any other kind of property. But I think, before you start making it publicly known you should be sure that the song or house is good and competitive in the market.

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